How Much Will My Bail Bond Cost?

Main Factors that Influence Bail Amount

The top two questions customers have for a Bail Bondsman are a) How fast can I get out of Jail and b) How much will my bail bond cost?

Generally, an accused finds out their bail amount soon after they have been arrested and booked at the police station. Even though majority of people have the misconception that their bail amount arbitrarily decided or is unfair, it’s not always the case.

You should understand that every jail has its own bail schedule, or the document that determines the bail amounts for certain offences. For instance, serious crimes such as felony naturally come with a bail amount that is many times higher than lesser crimes. Even though this bail schedule is not based on the laws of that state, the specifics often vary based on the factors such as the nature of the crime, area and jailhouse.

In more often than not, the following factors often influence bail amount irrespective of the bail schedule of a particular jail. Here is how the Bail Bond Cost is figured out in Iredell County and Statesville.

Criminal Record and Bail Bond Cost

If you are a repeat offender, then you can be sure that the judge and the court system will be less lenient towards you. There is likelihood that the judge will give you a higher bail amount, thus increasing your bail bond cost, if you have been arrested many times for the same or similar crimes. On the same note, judges would be more lenient towards first-time offenders and they would probably decide to give them a lower bail amount, thus decreasing your bail bond cost, as compared to their multiple-offender counterpart.

Court History

Just like the judges, court systems tend to be less lenient towards individuals with a history of defying court orders and failing to appear in court. If you have a history of not appearing to court sessions in the past, chances are high that the judge will view you as a “flight risk”. In that way, the judge will increase your bail and therefore your overall bail bond cost.

Defendant’s Personal Status

One of the main things the judges will consider in determining your bail amount is your personal status – personal history, wealth, employment and family situation. Furthermore, judges will also consider your status in the community.

With a stable job, a family depending on you, a good reputation in the community and you are wealthy, judges will determine your bail amount based on the assumption that you are less likely to flee or jump bail if released. This therefore means that the judges are more likely to consider lowering your bail amount.

However, judges might increase bail amounts for defendants who are non-citizen even if they are wealthy because chances are that they might try to use their money to flee.

Nature of the Offense

When deciding the bail amount, judges must consider the circumstances of the crime. Even though each situation is unique, it’s still predictable that the bail amount for violent crimes such as murder or rape would be considerably higher as compared to bail amounts for misdemeanor such as traffic violations.

For more information on bail bonds cost, how the process works and the types of bail bonds issues read our in-depth article Bail Bonds in Statesville North Carolina.



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