Recently I was asked what were the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a bail bondsman in NC to get out of jail on a bail bond.

When an accused person in North Carolina is produced in the court for the first time after his or her arrest, he or she is liable to apply for bail. But it is up to the concerned Magistrate to determine the bail amount, after verification of all case details and past background. But owing to the inability of most people to pay the hefty amount of money for bail, the system of hiring private bail bondsman is encouraged in most of America, so that they can help those financially weaker defendants in posting bail bonds.

Benefits of hiring a private bail bond service or Bail Bondsman in North Carolina

  • The defendant gets bail and becomes temporarily free from prison, just because of the prompt service of the hired bail bondsman. Normally, the judges do not take much time to accept the professionally posted bail bonds and the bail is granted within hours. So in many cases, the accused do not have to stay in prison, more than a day.
  • The poor financial condition of the defendant or the absence of any influential friend does not affect his bail order to be granted, as the bail amount is deposited by the hired bail agent. Though this bail agent has to be paid 10% of the bail amount as his fee; often the agent may settle down the matter of his payment, with the family of the defendant, if they are not even financially able to pay this amount at a time.
  • The family of the defendant is saved from getting bankrupt, as the huge bail amount is deposited in court by the bail agent; that would be otherwise very difficult for the family members to pay.
  • As it is the legal duty of the bail bondsman to ensure the appearance of the defendant in court trials, he will keep reminding about the dates of the trials and may even accompany the accused to the court, saving the effort of his family in this matter.
  • The defendant is able to be united with his family at home, only because of the service of his bail agent. So he can get time to decide the strategies of proving his innocence, if he is really so.

Further Advantages of Hiring a Bail Bondsman in NC

If the family of the defendant makes choose a poorly run bail bond agency,  it is likely that they may have to bear more financial burden and worries for the jailed person, as things will not run as smoothly if the most reliable and efficient bail agency was contacted for posting bail bond. For more information on bail bondsman in North Carolina and how the bail systems works please read Bail Bondsman in North Carolina.



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