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Release Me Now Bail Bonds provides the fastest, quickest, and most reliable bail bondsman services in the greater Central NC area. We understand the sense of urgency that you feel when a loved one is in jail. We make it easy to get them out in a timely manner. Our Bail Bond Agents concentrate on providing friendly and professional service to all of our clients. Our Bail Bond Agents are very experienced in posting bonds so the jail release occurs as soon as possible.

The Right Bondsman Can Make All The Difference

At Release Me Now Bail Bonds, we make it our duty to providing you with a simple and reliable service so that your loved ones get released from jail and have all of the necessary information to appear in court.

Call us today at 704-880-1450 our staff is available and ready to help you through all of the processes necessary to get your loved one out of jail in a reliable and professional manner.

North Carolina Bondsman and Bail Bond Agents Bill Hillman and Kimberly McSwain with North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin

Release Me Now Bail Bond owners Bill Hillman and Kimberly McSwain with North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin (center).

Our Bail Bond Agents Are Standing By

If you or a loved one has been arrested in our service area and needs a fast and reliable bail bonds service, contact us now at 704-880-1450. Our bail bond agents are here to help you through this situation.

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Learn more about bail bondsman, bail bond agents and bail in North Carolina by visiting our Blog Page, and our informative Bail FAQ page and our  detailed Bail Details Page. The more you know about the Bail process in North Carolina, the more likely you will come to depend on us to provide any bail services you may need for yourself or a loved one throughout North Carolina. Checkout our map of jails and detention centers  we serve

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