How To Bail Out A Loved One

This question is our number one most asked question: How to bail out a  loved one in North Carolina? Fortunately the process is simple and straightforward, but time is of the essence, so the first step is to make sure you hire a bail bondsman that is located close to the jail and is ready to roll with all the correct paperwork immediately. So here is the only how to bail out a loved one article you will ever need to read!

Follow This Process To Bail Out A Loved One In North Carolina

If you have hired a good and experienced bail agent in North Carolina, then the hardest part of your job is already done. A good bail agent will do everything correctly the first time, he/she will have the right paperwork, the bond amount will be pre-approved with the surety firm and be for the correct amount set by the court. Financing if necessary will already be approved for you and the agent showing up at the jail will have all the right documentation the first time they arrive, and they will arrive quickly. In short, a great Bail Bondsman will do everything necessary so you can bail out a loved one quickly and affordably.

Information Is Key For Bail

Make sure that you give as much information to your bail bondsman as possible. Every detail you can provide about the defendant and the charge is helpful, however if you are confused and distraught over the arrest of your loved one, know this: A great bail bondsman can spring you loved one from jail and by getting the correct bond issued even if all you have is the defendants name, date of birth, and the county, city or town that they were arrested in.

Bail Bond Paperwork

Our bail agent will prepare all the bail bond paperwork for you, this is not your worry, if you do not have the bail bond fee we can even arrange the financing for the ail bond right on the spot, don’t worry, we can make sure the bail bond is issued and the payment plan is easy for you to handle and paid monthly.

Your Loved One Is Free On Bail!

Once we complete the paperwork for you and we have an initial payment, there is no further action required by you to release your loved one. Our agent will present the bail bond right at the jail and within an hour or two your loved one is on their way home where they belong. Now you can move forward as a normal family and plan your legal defence without the trauma of being jailed.

What Can Go Wrong?

If  you bail out a loved one by following the above steps with a reputable bail bond agency then all that needs to happen now is that the individual who has been charged obey the rules of their bail. If there are certain people they are not allow to be in contact with then they must not contact those people. They must appear for all court dates. The rules are relatively easy to follow, just be a good citizen and obey the rules set by the courts. Family can assist with this by keeping an eye on them and encouraging them to be careful and punctual for all court dates.

If you have to bail out a loved one in North Carolina you are guaranteeing to the court that they will appear in court and meet all bail conditions, this brings with it a financial responsibility to the court.

If the accused fails to meet all bail conditions, they may find themselves back in jail. If the accused descried to run from justice and not appear at trial, those persons that put up bail, often family members, will loose that money, all of it, creating debt for themselves.

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