You are released on bail when the court secures your release by holding money put forth on your behalf to ensure that you appear for your trial. Whomever put the bond money up is reimbursed if the person on released adheres to all bail rules. They lose the money if any rules are broken and the person that was released is once again held in jail.

Most criminal court cases take many weeks and sometime many months between the time a person is arrested and the time their trial begins. This means that if a person is not granted bail they are held in jail this entire time. Although they may eventually be found innocent this incarcerated period means they cannot work at their job as well as take care of personal responsibilities such as minding their own children during this time awaiting trial.

This loss of freedom could mean losing their family, custody of their children, their home or apartment due to the inability to work and pay for their rent or mortgage. In other words, not being released could mean financial and personal ruin while awaiting trial. For this reason, the State of North Carolina allows anyone to apply for bail. Our bondsman exist in order to help those individuals who cannot financially afford to pay the entire amount by supplying a surety bond for a small fee that will set you free and allow you to get on with your life while you prepare for trial.

How The Bail Amount Is Set

The size of the bail required is set by the judge who will be hearing the criminal case. The more dangerous the crime or more likely the accused is to attempt to flee, the higher the amount required is set to deter that from happening. If there appears to be a possibility of further violent actions by the accused or the likelihood of the accused fleeing before trial, the judge may deny release altogether.

Upon arrest, the accused is booked at a police station by the arresting officer. Personal information such as name, address, date of birth, etc. is taken down and all the details of the alleged infraction(s).  Records of previous arrests are searched; pictures and fingerprints are taken and your personal property is registered and seized. The accused has a right to a phone call (usually to a lawyer or a loved one with instructions to get a lawyer) this may be delayed if the accused is violent but is usually offered before being placed in a cell.

Getting Released From Jail

If arrested for a minor infraction, you may apply for your bond right there at the police station. If it is a more serious charge, then you will have to appear before a judge for a bail hearing. At this hearing the judge will determine if you are eligible for release and the amount will be set at that time. In North Carolina it will usually take less than 2 days (48 hours) to appear before a hearing. Bail can be very expensive if someone is accused of a violent crime and can hit $1 million for crimes of kidnapping, rape and murder as these are crimes that put the general public at risk.

If the accused is a repeat offender this can have a negative effect on the ability to be awarded bail, if the person has a history of skipping bail in the past, then release is very unlikely.

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