Here is What Happens if You Violate a Bail Bond

A bail bond is simply a security that the defendant provides in exchange for his or her future appearance in court. This security can be either a bond or cash. After posting bail, the court typically orders an admission to bail, and releases the defendant officially from the custody. Of course, a defiant might violate a bail bond for one reason or the other. Well, you might be wondering what happens if you violate a bail bond. Here are some of the consequences if you break bail.


When you violate a bail bond, the bondsman might use any legal means possible to find you. One of the many ways of tracking and capturing a skipping defendant is by a bondsman using a bounty hunter to track and find the individual in question. A bounty hunter is the most preferred because they are allowed to use even deception to try to find information about the skipping defendant that might help them in tracking and capturing him or her.


If the defendant violates a bail bond and fails to appear in court then he or she might definitely face arrest, which is one of the major consequences of absconding. The defendant will be arrested and taken back to custody in order to assure his or her future court appearance. This therefore means that the delivery of bail is actually a promise that the defendant will show up for court. In the event that the defendant fails to appear in court then the bail bondsman can decide to arrest the absconding defendant. If the bondsman doesn’t want to arrest the absconding defendant, he may choose to designate another person as the agent to do the arrest.

Bench warrant

Another consequence of violating a bail bond is that the judge may decide to issue a bench warrant for the arrest of the defendant in question. When a defendant fails to appear in court as scheduled, it might trigger a separate trial because it failing to show up becomes new allegation against him or her, which is distinct from the original charge.

Bail forfeiture

Another consequence for violating a bail bond is bail forfeiture. The courts normally treat failure to appear as a distinct cases from absconding because it might be for genuine reasons such as death and illness and so on. If the court is convinced that the defendant has a benign explanation for not appearing in court, the court might vacate the money forfeiture and reinstate the bail back.

So that is what happens if you violate a bail bond, form more North Carolina bail bond information and facts read our Bail Bonds FAQ’s and Bail Bond Details articles.


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