There are many different types of bail bonds that are available in the USA. When a person is entangled in the legal procedures of local law enforcement and lands up in prison, it is not easy to be released from jail without posting a bail bond, irrespective of the fact whether that person is guilty or not. But luckily there are various procedures of obtaining bail from the court, with different sets of terms and conditions for posting the bail bond. Professional bail agents are aware of all the rules of getting bail from courts within their jurisdiction.

Types of Bail Bonds Available

Cash Bail Bond

As the term cash bail bond suggests, this kind of bail bond is the most common and the fastest one, as here the total bail amount is paid only in cash. No payment through check or credit card is usually accepted in this mode of bail. If the defendant appears regularly in the court trials, total bail amount is returned to the bail provider, deducting a negligible amount for court fees. Cash Bail Bonds are accepted by all courts in North Carolina.

Property Bail Bond

A Property Bond is not accepted in many US States, but some states, like California are fine with the acceptance of any property of the accused that is kept as collateral in the court. But this kind of bail takes a few weeks to be granted, as the court first ascertains the current market value of that property and then proceeds to grant the bail, during another court hearing. A property bail bond is accepted by most courts in North Carolina.

Professional Bail Bond

If the accused person’s family is not financially able to pay the bail amount, then they need to approach a professional bail bondsman, who will act as a third party and post the bail bond on behalf of the defendant. But this bail agent must be given 10% of the bail amount, as their fee for this crucial service. This Professional Bail Bond is also termed as a surety bond and usually granted within a few hours of the posting. A professional bail bond is accepted by all courts in North Carolina

Immigration Bail Bond

If a non-citizen resident of America or a legal visitor to America that is a citizen of another country is arrested on any criminal charge, he/she may hire a professional bail bondsman for obtaining the bail. But this bail agent should be fluent with the immigration laws of that particular  state and needs to have prior experience on posting immigration bail bonds in that court. Immigration bail bonds are accepted in North Carolina on a case by case basis.

Own Recognizance Bond

For an own recognizance bond, the defendant can apply for the bail themselves and they only need to guarantee their regular appearance in the court trials,  all  visits to court must be signed by the defendant and documented to the court to keep the bail enforced. No money is needed to be deposited in this type of bail; to be approved for this type of bail, references from respectable people in the local communicate help immensely and the individual requesting bail must be seen as a very unlikely flight risk due to their standing in the community.

These are the Types of bail bonds available in North Carolina, for more information on Bail bonds read out Bail Bonds Facts



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