Traits of the Right Bail Agency and Professional Bail Bondsman

Of course, no one loves to bail a friend, a colleague, or a family member out of jail. However, you can sometimes find yourself in this situation. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, the best way to go about the entire process is to find a good bail agency or professional bail bondsman. In that way, you will simplify and expedite the process with little or no stress.

Bail bonds are very common here in Statesville North Carolina. For this reason, finding an excellent bail agency among all of the subpar ones might not be easy. What you need to do is to look for certain qualities that make a good experience with your professional bail bondsman. In most cases, you can find these characteristics on their websites or by asking around.

Here are some of the most important traits of any good bail agency and a good professional bail bondsman

1 – Must have transparency from the Bail Agency

Transparency is a must. Otherwise, you might end up committing yourself to a bail bond you might not be able to afford, or that which will cost you a fortune. A transparent bail bondsman will tell you right away the cost of the premium. Furthermore, a transparent bail agency will have clear information about pricing and any other detail about the bail bond process on their website.

Yes, it’s true that bail bonds are complicated. For this reason, it’s important that the process remains as transparent as possible. Simply put, a good bail agent must provide you with the information you need. If that’s not the case then keep on searching.

2 – Positive reputation of the Professional Bail Bondsman

Reputation is a very important trait to any other business, and bail agency is no exception. Just like businesses out there, you’ll find out that there are bond agencies with positive reputation and others with negative reputation.

To find out the reputation of an agency, use the internet. Go to the official website of a bond company and find out whether the information there are trustworthy. Read the testimonials of current and past clients. An agency with a positive reputation has very happy clients.

3 – Bail Agency is Available 24/7

A good bail agency in North Carolina is available all the time. After all, there is no specific times or days when people can get arrested. To be sure that a bail agency will be available throughout the process of jail release, you must make sure they work 24/7. Otherwise, you might not be able to get hold of them when you need them.

4 – Offers good customer service to all bail agency customers

Even though it might seem odd as compared to other businesses, you still remain a customer when you get into a bail bond office, and therefore, you need a service, which only a bail bondsman is able to provide in Iredell County, North Carolina. The bail agent should not only pay attention to your problem, but should also take you through the bail bond process until your loved one is released from jail.

What Does The Bail Bondsman Do For You?

When you are watching CNN and you see that a famous person has been charged with a crime you often also see that person referred to as “out on bail”, sometimes for huge amounts. For example, back in 2014 Justin Bieber was arrested for resisting arrest while drag racing his Lamborghini under the influence of alcohol. He was not seen as a high flight risk for this offense so his bail was only set at $2,500. I’m pretty sure that Bieber could just hand that amount over in cash and be on his way. However, the average 20 year old (his age at the time) might not have $2,500 in cash laying around and that is when you need a bail bondsman.

Everyday People as Well As The Rich & Famous May Need Bail.

If you need the service of a bail bondsman, don’t assume you are lumped in with a lot of bad people. Many well-known people, and of course many innocent people have all required bail. Nicholas Cage, Lindsay Lohan, Michael Vick, are just a few names of people that required bail as some point in their lives.

Bail is the amount that a judge sets as insurance the accused will show up in court, if the bail amount exceeds your cash on hand, you will want to speak to a bail bondsman who will arrange the full bail amount and pay it to the court for a small fee on the promise that you will adhere to all bail restrictions and appear for all court dates.

In other words, a Bail Bondsman can keep you out of jail while you await trail, it is a crucial system set up to ensure you are not wasting away in jail while your trial, which may take many months, is scheduled.

Bail Bondsman Have Financial Responsibilities

A bail bondsman is not just the one that puts up your bail money to the court, they have obligations because they promise that the accused will appear for all court dates. If the accused does not appear in court, the bail bondsman loses all the money that they have put up for your bail. Seeing as they have only charged the accused a small percentage fee of the total bail you can see that the bail bondsman is taking real financial risk. For this reason, the bail bondsman will try to ensure that you keep all appointments by keeping in touch with the accused but if the accused skips bail, the bail bondsman may hire someone, often referred to as a Bounty Hunter (in North Carolina all Bounty Hunters must also be legal Bail Bondsman) to track down and apprehend the accused.

Who Skips Bail?

You may be surprised at who skips bail. A bail bondsman will try to determine how bail worthy someone is based on past activity, but in the end a bail skipper could be a person who was never charged for any other offence, someone who was just too scared to show up in court, or even a very wealthy well-known citizen.

Roman Polanski sipped bail for a very serous crime years ago. Robert Vesco skipped bail in 1972 when charged with misappropriating $224 million, he fled to the Bahamas, he died in 2008 leaving his debt behind. Here are some more millionaires that skipped bail.

When you consider how low the fee for bail from a bail bondsman is and the risk they assume, you quickly come to the conclusion just how great a service a good bail bondsman can be, especially if you are an innocent person falsely accused of a crime.

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