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At Release Me Now Bail Bonds North Carolina Bail Bonds, the cheapest bail bonds are also the fastest bail bonds in Statesvill North Carolina
Providing The Fastest Bail Bonds in Statesville North Carolina. Watch this video to see how it all works:
North Carolina Bail Bonds cheapest bail bonds and the fastest bail bonds in Statesville North Carolina
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I truly can’t believe how fast Release Me Now Bail Bonds got our son out of jail, it was amazing!! They are the only North Carolina Bail Bonds Agency to call!

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How To Bail Out A Loved One In North Carolina

How To Bail Out A Loved One This question is our number one most asked question: How to bail out a  loved one in North Carolina? Fortunately the process is simple and straightforward, but time is of the essence, so the first step is to make sure you hire a bail...

Fastest Bail Bonds in Statesville North Carolina

If a bail bond is important because it can get you or a loved one out of jail, then it only stands to reason that getting the fastest bail bond is just as important for the very same reason. We offer, without a doubt, the fastest bail bonds in Statesville North Carolina, in fact we are the fastest bail bond agency in North Carolina period. We are #1 for North Carolina Bail Bonds.

Hire The Fastest Bail Bond Agency In North Carolina

It may take months for your trial date to come up, so the faster we can get you out of jail, the sooner you can return to a safe and normal lifestyle why you prepare your defense. We offer the fastest bail bonds in all of North Carolina.

Jail is a horrible place to be under any charge for any amount of time, let us get you out of jail RIGHT NOW! We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you have a loved one who has been arrested, you need the fastest bail bonds agency in North Carolina to set them free within hours of arrest.

Fast Bail Bonds Makes The Difference

The experience of being locked up can be one of the most traumatic life experiences an innocent person can experience, obtaining a fast bail bond can minimize this exposure while we handle all the details on your behalf immediately. Relatives and friends of the accused can apply for bail immediately upon being arrested. We can get them out of jail now because we offer the fastest bail bonds in Statesville North Carolina!

Getting The Fastest Bail Bonds Are Important But So Is Affordability

Few people have the spare cash hanging around to just pay bail for themselves or a loved one no matter how badly they want to be out of jail. Bail is based on a deposit of money to ensure the regular appearance of the defendant in the court. That where we come in. We pay the full amount of bail on your promise to attend all court dates and to obey all bail conditions that the judge sets for you. In return you pay a small percentage of the bail plus a fee to the bail agency. Affordability is key, so you may be interested in learning why the cheapest bail bonds may turn out to be the most expensive bail bonds of all!

Cheapest Bail Bonds in Statesville, NC

Sometimes the cheapest bail bonds may not be the best value however overpaying is also not in your best interest. In North Carolina the legal rates a Bail Bondsman charges is from 0 to 15%. More often than not a reputable bail bond agency will charge you 15% on a small bond and 10% on a very large bond.

When The Cheapest Bail Bonds In North Carolina Are Actually The Most Expensive

When the bail agency has no intention of keeping you on the bail bond. You may have heard that many bail bond agencies have a “bad reputation” unfortunately this is often well deserved. A bail bondsman that charges an unusually low amount such as lower than 5% is possibly waiting to cancel your bond and will look for literally any reason to cancel that bond. That takes them off the hook, they keep your fee and you must reapply and pay again to get your bond reinstated. It is best to deal with an established firm with an outstanding reputation, check their website for testimonials and ask around! Check the Better Business Bureau; how are their ratings? Sometime the cheapest bail bonds turn out to be the most expensive bail bond there is.

Release Me Now Bail Bonds charges the lowest bail bond rates feasible, gets you out of jail immediately, and works with you over your entire bail period!

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